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The largest U.S. retailer is introducing additional opening hours from Tuesday, March 24, through April 28, and retail chain Amazon is offering free parking for seniors at its stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wisconsin.

Customers 60 and older have exclusive access to Walmart's in-store pharmacy hours before the official opening, and Dollar General will close the stores for a few hours to shop again and give employees a little break. The stores will also open earlier than usual to allow people over 60 with compromised immune systems to shop. This is also true when supermarkets have shorter opening hours, which in many cases means that they open at 7am instead of 7.30am as usual, according to the company.

Whole Foods said some Whole Foods locations will close two hours earlier but remain open for pickup and Amazon Prime delivery.

The supermarket, which is owned by Albertson's, plans to reserve a few hours for vulnerable shoppers, including those with compromised immune systems. Those who are not considered high risk avoid visiting the store within the first hour after opening and reserve time for senior citizens. Many supermarkets have set special opening hours to which shoppers are invited. The retailer is one of the largest retailers in the U.S. with more than 1,000 stores in Minnesota.

Target stores reserve the first hour of shopping Wednesday for vulnerable customers, including the elderly and people with underlying health concerns. Add a special hour to invite you to shop, 'a statement on the retailer's website reads.

Save money by booking an appointment online for the first hour of shopping on Wednesday at Target stores in St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis and Fargo.

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